[sweats profusely]

I hiccuped and made that line. Guess it stays.


I literally made these yesterday and now it’s craft week so I guess I’ll have to post, even though I wanted to keep them a secret until they arrive in Florida. If anyone wants the pattern ring me up because I cut the hair lines manually out of a bigger piece. Also textured with copics and blushed with colored pencil in the top photo (so they don’t look dead). UNfortunately I didn’t notice Eames was out of focus in that first photo before I packed them WHOOPS.

Now everyone keep these a secret from microsaur until they arrive, probs by Friday.

Also, kudos to ventifact for helping me with the patterns because I am shite at actually designing them. Base patterns stolen from here: [x]

Also also, printing these on watercolor paper was fun and gave them a nice texture but so painful to assemble the curves unu

This is art guys. ArT


How Not to Break Once Human Kittens That Like to Climb You Like Trees by Castiel, Angel of the Lord

This has gotten a lot of attention today. I hope you guys know I totally did not write a drabble for it.

theimpossiblefan asked:
Colour Palette Hard Mode #6 + The Winter Solider Please?!

hawkward-silence asked:
How about Thor with #7

These are actually challenging. P:

ventifact asked:
zeph & 3 or is that cheating

God fucking…

Sorry. @__@



I kept seeing that palette meme going around, but wasn’t particularly fond of all the super-high-saturation or low-value ranges. For anyone that wants to try something a little different, here you go.

Have fun, everyone!

yooooo do it. i’m tired but i want to draw something before bed.





I felt like doing a new one with different pallets!! Send a character and a number and I’ll draw them with that pallet! 

Here is some other pallets!! you can send me these too.

Also you can use these pallets! Tell me which one you choose in the ask!