Thinkin’ ‘Bout Space

Arthur and Eames were, in fact, the first two humans try sex in outer space and, being men of science as they are, reported back that the lack of gravity, though it opened up a fair amount of positions, to be impersonal, rather unsatisfactory and generally almost trouble to be worth the effort. Given this, they do intend to continue their study and request some condoms because chasing ejaculate all over the station is less than ideal.


I don’t regret anything anymore


Yeah this is getting weird.

elegantfeatherduster replied to your photo “marourin said: LEIDERHOSEN IS A MUST Yes okay but have you seen what…”

that rdj outfit was CLASSIC

It was the first thing I thought of when I read the word lederhosen, ngl.

marourin said: LEIDERHOSEN IS A MUST

Yes okay but have you seen what RDJ was wearing for the Iron Man 3 premier?

Edit: OMG I didn’t see the first one about Oktoberfest until I went to my activity because tumblr sucks shit, I just thought you were weird, requesting lederhosen erp time for v2


More on that WIP for teamhardigan

motetus replied to your photo“A little bit of a post-apoc WIP for teamhardigan.”
…omg. Shirtless Eames and post-apocalypse and all that glorious detail? These are all things I am highly interested in, and I cannot wait to see the finished version!
If you think I am going to pass up a chance to draw Eames shirtless, or at the very least sleeveless, or, if times are really tough, with sleeves pulled tight around his biceps, I am sorry to be a disappointment.

A little bit of a post-apoc WIP for teamhardigan.