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If you're still doing the kiss art challenge, how about #15 frostiron uvu

Always doing all challenges I’ve ever reblogged. :)

What I do instead of Wolf Teens
Time well spent
for marourin again haha

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Ooo! Is this Last of Us inspired? teamhardigan has been bugging me to write a LoU Inception fic. This drawing is totes inspiring me ;_;

As much as one can be inspired by something I’ve never played or seen, haha. Going with the beautiful ruin sort of aesthetic though, if I ever get around to actually painting it, loser and coward that I am.

Title: You Looking at Me, Looking At You
Artist: ko_no_yo
Pairings/characters: Merlin/Arthur
Rating (if applicable): G
Warnings: None
Summary: After Merlin once again fails to show up for work, Arthur goes to Gaius and fires his servant, this time he swears for good. Later that day, however, he makes a startling discovery. Merlin has been enchanted into a reflection in his mirror, and only when Arthur is around can he be seen or heard. With no idea how it happened or how to get him out, Arthur must attempt to ferret out the sorcerer. But between Morgana, Agravaine, and his most recent noble guests, there are too many traitors to choose from. And as time goes on, however, Arthur starts to wonder if the biggest traitor is the one looking back at him.
Disclaimer: None of it is mine, I just took it to play.
Artist’s notes: With not a moment to spare. Art for argetsleeper’s coming fic, she will hopefully be posting during amnesty, so watch out for that. (:

I hope you’re shitting happy marourin

Like two walruses fighting over a grape.

Thinkin’ ‘Bout Space

Arthur and Eames were, in fact, the first two humans try sex in outer space and, being men of science as they are, reported back that the lack of gravity, though it opened up a fair amount of positions, to be impersonal, rather unsatisfactory and generally almost trouble to be worth the effort. Given this, they do intend to continue their study and request some condoms because chasing ejaculate all over the station is less than ideal.


I don’t regret anything anymore


Yeah this is getting weird.

elegantfeatherduster replied to your photo “marourin said: LEIDERHOSEN IS A MUST Yes okay but have you seen what…”

that rdj outfit was CLASSIC

It was the first thing I thought of when I read the word lederhosen, ngl.