And my reel.

And some really old sketches

Through the Solar System

Had to update my project for astronomy and realized I hadn’t posted it here.


But, by God, Merlin, what are you wearing??

Hey guys so remember this post? We have another fill (besides this great one here) of fanfiction for your doubtlessly still broken hearts:

For a Thousand Years by superwho_scribblings or preparetobemildlyentertained.
Go read it like now.


Summer is upon us! Which means I can finally open up commission slots. I’ll draw your characters, fanart, animals, furries, robots: whatever you’d like*, I can probably do.

Now that school is out, I do have time but most of my work is unpaid internships - and money is something we all need. So while my parents have been more than accommodating, I don’t wanna be that child that uses it. Please help a dude out.

More info on process, slots, terms and contact info here. Just to be safe in case asks get eaten by the abominable Tumblr monster, hit me up at ta-kemet@hotmail.com - payment through Paypal only, if you want me to teach you how to use that website I probably can, it’s not so hard.

Please help spread the word if you can. Thank you.

*NSFW and super detailed will likely cost more, I’ll be happy to give you a quote if you’re not sure

I got the XKit tag tracker, guys. You are no longer safe.

Shout out to the folk who reblogged that Les Mis Inception AU because you should tell me all about your feels because I didn’t find your tags before. :C

A gift for a friend. C;

A lot of inspiration drawn from megathruh and lexxercise whose brushes are so fun to useee.

Full size: [x]

Unfortunately my knowledge of Superman comes exclusively from Saturday morning cartoons in the 90s.

A lady knight made from dogbomber's generator: Musket + thin + vain + American + arachnid

I wish I had my brushes so I could color it fully. :c

Did I mention how much I love making fun of movie!Tony’s height, did I?